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  • Premium products for symptoms associated with PCOS

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Our Range

Meloono is a collection of carefully curated research-based products for the modern PCOS woman.


  • "What an amazing product! 2 bottles in and already feeling better, PCOS symptoms are more under control. Recommending it to all my PCOS Cysters!"

    Queracia Jacobs

  • "Since starting Meloono my energy levels have drastically improved and its only been a month I felt the difference after the first week already! I'm no longer fatigued which is amazing let's not even talk about my mood these pills are a game changer excited about my Meloono journey"


  • "Been using Meloono for two months , My Skin has vastlyimproved, My hair has stopped fallingout , my weight is coming down andmy energy levels have really come up . Most importantly it has regulated my cycle. Meloono is an amazing product- Extremely happy i found this product."

    Shaazia Hassim

  • "Absolutely love this product, facial hair decreased, mood improved and 2 months after commencing treatment We have successfully conceived."


  • "This product has helped regulate my cycle, reduce PCOS symptoms overall and it gets delivered to my door within 2 days! Love it!"


  • "Finally an amazing product for those facing challenges with PCOS. 2 bottles in and my daughter has shown huge improvement. Her first period in 14 months, skin looks clearer, along with a healthy lifestyle and some exercise, she's 15 kilos lighter, overall she's in a much better space. Thank you for this supplement Meloono"

    Sumayya Jassat

  • "Amazing product. My PCOS has been better. I get my period, my acne has improved and my energy is on another level."


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